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Hi lovelies! I want to share with you how I naturally maintain the growth and thickness of my long hair 😊 - it’s through a Traditional Chinese Medicine herb called He Shou Wu.

I lost so much hair from dengue fever (story at the end) and He Shou Wu tea has really helped stop the shedding. He Shou Wu helps me with energy levels too. Sleeping late and stress can really take a toll on your Jing essence (life force essence) and Kidney Qi, and when my Jing is depleted from such a lifestyle, I can see that in the state of hair and skin. He Shou Wu helps restore my Jing, and I've been using it so I can have luscious locks and glowing skin 😍


How does He Shou Wu help hair health?

He Shou Wu helps with -

  1. Speeding up hair growth
  2. Stimulating new hair growth
  3. Retaining hair pigmentation (reverses greying hair!)
What is He Shou Wu?

It’s a Chinese herb(何首烏)also known as Fallopia multiflora, Fo Ti, or Polygonum multiflorum. He Shou Wu is processed from a root grown in parts of Eastern Asia. When you make it in a tea, it smells woody and herbal but tastes mild.

Chinese Medicine view of He Shou Wu for hair

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, He Shou Wu is regarded as a Jing tonic - Jing is the essence in our bodies associated with health and longevity and centered in our kidneys. Someone with weak Kidney Qi, or weak kidney energy, will have a hard time achieving long, healthy hair.


Western Medical Research on He Shou Wu

Research has found that He Shou Wu encourages the production of the antioxidant superoxide dismutase, which has the potential to reverse diseases, protect DNA, and extend lifespan. He Shou Wu is rich in iron and zinc, which promotes strong and healthy red blood cells. Blood is necessary to bring nutrients to our scalps and build hair cells!

What are potential side effects of He Shou Wu?

In the rare event someone overdoses on He Shou Wu, they can get diarrhea, skin rash, and numbness. Remember, these are herbs, not western prescription medicines! Slowly taking these herbs will eventually give you the desired results 😊

Where can I find He Shou Wu?

I got my He Shou Wu from a Traditional Chinese Medicine shop in Hong Kong. The highest quality He Shou Wu will come finely sliced, like mine. It came like this:

High quality He Shou Wu will be sliced in thin flakes like this

You can also find it online in pill form at Amazon.

How do I make He Shou Wu?
My homemade He Shou Wu tea 😊

This is how my family taught me to make He Shou Wu tea -

  1. Gather enough He Shou Wu pieces to cover your hand
  2. Put the herbs in about 500 ml of water
  3. Bring to a boil
  4. Reduce to a simmer for 10 minutes
  5. Drink the resulting liquid like you would a tea or water throughout the day
  6. Take once a week to avoid overdose!

If it’s in the pill form, take a pill a day for a few days a week, regularly. I know the He Shou Wu that comes in the pill form will tell you to take several pills a day, everyday. However, in my experience it is better to ease up on Chinese medicine dosage in the beginning, be patient, and to then amp up the dosage or regularity if no effect is seen after at least a month.

My experience with He Shou Wu

6 months ago I was traveling through Malaysia. Just as I was about to leave the country, I came down with a high fever. It turned out to be dengue fever, which is transmitted by infected mosquitoes. I was unfortunate enough to suffer from one of the effects of dengue - severe hair loss, or telogen effluvium! 😢

Around 3 months after I contracted dengue, my hair started falling out in massive amounts. Everyday I averaged around 100 fallen hairs. It fell everywhere in my house and I had to sweep the floors twice a day. It looked like I was shedding! After every shower, I would throw out a huge clump of hair from the drain. It was so scary and I was so sad. 😣

Here’s the current state of my hair now -


My super sized unboxing video from a mystery brand 😉 check out @miirushop snapchat for the rest of the story!

A video posted by Miirushop (@miirushop) on

I’m left with about half to a third of the hair I originally had. I still look like I have a lot of hair since I have long hair, but when I braid my hair in different styles I can really tell the difference. 😔

I’ve been taking He Shou Wu for a month now, and my hair has stopped shedding as much - I will need to take it for a few more months to reap the benefits of the herb. I have friends and family who took the herb after pregnancy and swear by it - telogen effluvium, or hair loss, happens sometimes after giving birth and in Taiwan it is commonly prescribed for postpartum hair loss and prematurely greying hair.

I hope this helped! That’s all for now 😊 Let me know if you have any other hair questions ❤️

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