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Did you get your 5 servings today? 😊

Recently I was browsing my neighborhood Poya when I stumbled across these newly released, fresh little masks from Dr. Hsieh, called ‘Energy of Fruits and Veg.’ I’ve tried other Dr. Hsieh masks before and was really drawn to this series because the masks sourced ingredients from local farms in Taiwan. Plus the packaging looked so yummy! Let’s see how these masks fared -

What do these masks claim to do?

This series of lotion masks is for all skin types, and promises to restore a dull complexion with ingredients sourced from fruits and vegetables that brighten and hydrate. They’re different from your regular essence masks - the mask emulsion has all the benefits of a toner, essence, and cream combined and although the texture is thicker, it’s formulated for skin penetration.

The Brightness Radiance Lotion mask is for dull, scarred skin that needs a little help in achieving a natural, bright complexion.

The Reducing Wrinkle Lotion Mask is for those with tired, off-color complexions looking for youthful and healthy skin.

TheDeep Hydrating Lotion Mask rescues dry skin caused by living in a dry/cold climate or being in air-conditioned environments.

Remember when we learned in elementary school to always eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day? And how we needed a good diet to grow and be healthy? Well, it turns out your skin needs care to be healthy too 😊

Each mask has ingredients sourced from 5 fruits and veggies, to help your skin hit the 5 a day mark. The fruits and vegetables are grown at the heart of Alishan, a nature preserve in Taiwan. Why Alishan? Farmers there grow crops with natural pest control, so their fruits and veggies contain less chemicals. Less chemicals = purer masks! By sourcing from small local farms, these masks also produce a smaller carbon footprint and support local businesses 😊

Mask material and fit

The material is appropriately thicker and spongier to accommodate the thicker lotion essence. It doesn’t feel heavy or uncomfortable on the skin at all. The mask fit my face well, and didn’t show signs of potentially tearing as I pulled and tugged at it.

The Brightness Radiance Lotion mask contains ingredients sourced from kiwi, guava, tomato, grapefruit, and mung bean sprouts. The Wrinkle Reducing Lotion masks has the goodness of grapes, broccoli, roselle, blueberries, and spinach. The Deep Hydrating Lotion mask contains watermelon, cucumber, aloe, avocado, and towel gourd.

Essence scent and texture

Each series had a different fruity, pleasant scent which wasn’t too heavy or overwhelming. The lotion texture is of a medium thickness and opaque. No sticky aftermath and layered other products on top with no problem.

The Brightness Radiance Lotion mask is citrus scented - it’s like what we smell in orange themed hand creams or body lotions. The Wrinkle Reducing Lotion mask smells like a berry candy! It made me want to eat berry gummies 😊 I felt like I was at a spa with the Deep Hydrating Lotion mask. These smelled like cucumbers, so nice and fresh!


The lotion didn’t just sit on my skin, like other brands of lotion masks. It absorbed quickly. When I removed it at the 15 minute mark, there was still essence left over for my neck. Skin was left moisturized and bright!

Since my own skin is drier and I am constantly outdoors, I saw the biggest improvement in my skin with the Brightness Radiance mask. I can see myself going back to the Deep Hydrating one after a long day (or night!) out, because the scent is so calming and the thicker lotion texture really gives you that extra boost in hydration. I used the Wrinkle Reducing mask before I put my makeup on, and noticed my under-eye concealer didn’t betray any fine lines for the whole day 😊

The Brightness Radiance Lotion Mask aftermath ❤️ (plus a layer of tinted sunscreen hehe)
The ingredient analysis

CosDNA shows Niacinamide as the third ingredient in all 3 masks.

Detailed analysis for Brightness Radiance, Reducing Wrinkle, and Deep Hydrating.

You can try all 3 of these masks as a set on Miirushop here:


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