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I met with Dr. Hsieh recently to learn more about their brand and am so excited to share with you all their story and products - I really think they truly encompasses all the best of Taiwan Beauty - they’re a huge advocate of using natural, local ingredients backed by the latest in dermatology science! I came out with so many samples and new things to try, let’s take a look at the ones that interested me the most -

Some of the samples from their huuuuge line of products! From left: Hyaluronic Acid Series, Professional Medical Cosmetology Skincare line, Mandelic Acid line, Sunscreen, EGF anti aging line, and Mandelic Flower Acid line

We discussed Dr. Hsieh's  really impressive line of products - they're an affordable and natural 'medical beauty' line sold in drugstores in Taiwan founded by a licensed Taiwanese dermatologist named - you guessed it! - Dr. Hsieh.

They're known for their mandelic acid series the most - they have varying strengths from 5% all the way up to 30% in the form of toners, serums, peeling liquids, and spot treatments. This line also has cleansers, creams, and all that good stuff. Dr. Hsieh is one of the only brands I've seen in Taiwan that has such a comprehensive line for acne. I'm a regular user of their 20% mandelic acid and it's the one product that keeps my skin smooth and breakout free 😊

I was really happy to see the effort the brand put into sourcing locally from small farmers in Taiwan and will be heading to their farms and labs soon for a tour! Super super excited to show you where these T Beauty products come from 😍

Which line from Dr. Hsieh do you want to learn more about? DM me on Instagram @miirushop or Snapchat me @miirushop to let me know! ❤️

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