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As much as I like getting my nails done at the salon, I also love doing my own nails in the comfort of my home. I always give myself a Chinese pressure point hand massage (helps with keeping skin clear! Learn how to do it yourself here) with moisturizer first - this little act of self care helps tune me into my body’s current state. Plus, the patience and attention to detail needed to get my pretty nails just right is almost meditative 💆🏻

For those that aren’t as patient, let me give you another reason to appreciate home manis - I mean, you can’t really go to the salon in your fuzzy pjs and take snack breaks whenever you want while listening to your favorite music, can ya? 😊

I used these Sweet Almond Firming and Moisturizing hand masks from Face Q before doing my nails the other day - let’s see how they fared 😁

What does this hand mask claim to do?

These hand masks claim moisturize and plump up the skin on your weathered hands. The lotion in the masks will give a heating sensation to add to the efficacy. Leave them on for 15-20 minutes.

Mask material and fit

The hand masks are like big plastic gloves on the outside. They have two cotton layers on the inside. Your hands go there! The fit is good.

Essence scent and texture

The lotion has a sweet and creamy pleasant scent. The scent has a strong staying power even after you take the hand masks off.

Before the hand masks!

My hands were so nice and soft afterwards! This definitely works.

I like these a lot! Next time I want to do my own nails I’ll grab another one 😍

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