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One of the best Traditional Chinese Medicine tips for PMS I’ve ever gotten from the other women in my family is to always keep my feet warm. Wait, what? Let me explain 😊

My sock slipper combo for killing cramps 😊
How does keeping feet warm fight PMS?
  1. Noticeably helps lessen cramping
  2. Allows period to pass easily and without heavy clotting
  3. Gives you more energy during your period
Chinese Medicine view on keeping feet warm

It is a common belief in Chinese Medicine that unwanted cold will come into your body from the feet (寒從腳底生.)The feet directly correlates to the uterus and womb, and when pathogenic cold (unwanted cold energy) gives you cold feet, this will cause PMS!

Therefore, keeping feet warm at all times will prevent irregular menstruation and painful periods. Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors always treat more serious problems like PCOS, ovarian cysts, and infertility by first making sure that the women are constantly keeping their feet warm!

Western view on keeping feet warm

Poor circulation is a giveaway for poor overall health. Those who always have cold feet often are suffering from poor circulation! By keeping feet warm, you encourage more oxygen and nutrient rich blood to reach your feet.  

Ways to keep feet warm
  1. Always wear socks and slippers. Make sure your ankles are covered too! Cold ankles are just as bad.
  2. Take hot showers before bed to warm your feet up, or soak your feet before bed for 15-20 mins.
  3. If you are working a desk job, take a walk and warm up your feet whenever you feel them get cold.
  4. Before bed, massage your feet, squish your toes together, and rub your ankles.
My experience with keeping my feet warm for PMS

When I regularly keep my feet warm, the decrease in PMS symptoms that month is really noticeable. When I’m lazy with my wearing my slippers in the house during winter months, I always get punished with cramps my next cycle 😩

Remember, menstrual issues are so closely tied to your skin health. (I’ll explain more in an upcoming blog post soon) If your periods come and go with little issue, you’re in great health, and that will reflect in your complexion! Hope this helps! ❤️

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