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Hello Miirus! This is Arin from Taiwan. I am so excited to share with you my Taiwanese cafe-hopping adventures!

Today I am going to introduce Minou Minou Cafe in GongGuan, Taipei to you. The GongGuan area is famous for its night market and is known as a international student hub in Taipei. I frequent this area often because it’s filled with trendy shops and cafes - I always see something new!

Minou Minou Cafe is a Cafe with lovely cats. Don’t you think minou minou sounds like "meow meow”?

The entrance of the Cafe gives you a peek at what's to come. The wall are covered with the pictures of the cafe cats.

Minou Minou's menu is on this blackboard - don't worry if you can't read Chinese! The staff know English too 😊

Remember don't open the door yourself. Ask the staff for help, or else the cats may wander out while the door is open!

To protect the cats, customers need to first disinfect hands if they want to touch the cats.

There is a bunch of kitty paraphernalia in the store:

Kitty paw cups! So adorable, I couldn’t help myself!

The walls are covered with old school Taiwanese windows  - what a cool way to repurpose them. 

PS  - Check out the Captain America shield and the Thor hammer stuck in the wall 😹

The cafe is spacious and bright, making it a good place to take photos.

The bow! The blankie! The toys! The bed! The color coordination! 😻

And now for the food 😽

I got a Smoked Salmon Combo, which was very tasty and healthy. It came with a drink of my choice and costed 300 NT.

What an adorable sight 😸 

If you're in Taipei and a cat lover, check out Minou Minou - it's a cafe with a unique Taiwanese design you won't see anywhere else. That's all for now! Catch you at the next cafe~ 

Arin is based in Taipei, Taiwan, where she can be found browsing cafes, museums, and beauty stores all around town.

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