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One lazy Saturday, my aunt and I decided to try out the Sister Diary Gemstone Masks I got the other day from a brand meeting! She was so happy to have the chance to sheet mask with me, since she said she felt silly doing it by herself. I was more than happy to mask with her! 😊

My aunt chose the Gold+Hyaluronic Acid Mask. For the record, my aunt is in her 60s and her main concerns are wrinkles and hydration. I went with the Black Diamond Caviar Mask. Let’s see if these masks live up to their claims! 💎💎💎

What do these masks claim to do?

The Gold+Hyaluronic Acid Mask claims to be a quality moisturizing and nourishing mask with an all cotton sheet mask and an essence containing real gold flakes.

There are real visible gold flakes, for promoting skin metabolism to maximize moisture absorption from the hyaluronic acid. There’s also royal jelly in the essence for added nourishment.

The Black Diamond Caviar Mask is supposed to moisturize and repair the skin.

My Sister Diary sources the caviar from France - this caviar fights aging by preventing wrinkles and is rich in vitamins and minerals. Black diamond are included to help bring out a bright complexion.

Mask material and fit

The Gold+Hyaluronic Acid Mask uses pure, high quality Japanese cotton that was thin and adhered to the face easily. The Black Diamond Caviar Mask had a thicker, black sheet mask that covered my face sufficiently.

My aunt is a tiny person! So the mask was a little too big for her. However, she actually liked it because she could pull down the chin part to her neck for some neck masking action too. I have a huge face and big forehead so I was just happy that the mask could cover my forehead.

Essence scent and texture

Neither mask has a strong detectable scent. There was a generous amount of essence in the masks, with enough in the packet left over for soaking another sheet mask!

My Sister Diary Masks are known to be much less fragranced, which my aunt really appreciated, since she said that scents now irritate her nose a lot more in old age. There was so much essence left over, we used the essence to do facial massages on my aunt’s face afterwards. The essence wasn’t sticky at all either, so we just sat there and patted away at our faces with no problem 😊


Our masks did as promised - we were left with moisturized skin!

My aunt really liked her Gold+Hyaluronic Acid Mask! She was so happy to see the gold flakes in her mask and was impressed by how well the mask stuck to her face - she was cooking dinner with it on for ten minutes! As for me, I was left with supple and non-sticky skin, and my makeup applied so nicely after that. No foundation pilling = no complaints 💁🏻

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在一個悠閒的星期六, 我和我的阿姨決定試用我之前在廠商會議時拿的姊妹日記面膜。 (想知道更多有關這個會議請按)。 我的阿姨很高興我能跟她一起敷臉,因為她覺得一個人敷臉很奇怪且好笑。 我的阿姨已經六十幾歳了,她最關心的就是皺紋和保濕, 所以她選用黃金玻尿酸極潤面膜(Gold+Hyaluronic Acid), 我選用黑鑽石魚子面膜(Black Diamond Caviar)。 


黃金玻尿酸極潤面膜:純綿加純金的金片面膜, 可以幫助滋潤休護肌膚, 金片可以幫助肌膚吸收玻尿酸。來自日本的高級純綿,薄薄的且很服貼。

黑鑽石魚子面膜:從法國來的魚子醬,  它有豐富的維物質可以抗老, 還有黑鑽石成份使肌膚更有光澤。黑色的,比較厚一點。

我的阿姨臉小所以面膜對她來説有點大不過它可以敷到下巴以下的脖子部分, 所以沒有浪費。 而我呢!我有個大額頭和大臉, 面膜正合我的臉。


這兩款面膜都沒有很濃的香味, 而且裡面的美容液很多, 可以用新的面膜紙再敷一次。

姊妹日記面膜最主要的是沒有加很多香精, 這對上了年紀的人很重要, 我的阿姨對香味很敏感, 越老越不能接受香味太濃的護膚品。因為剩下太多美容液所以我就拿它來按摩我阿姨的臉。這美容液沒有粘粘的, 輕輕拍在臉上,感覺皮膚都吸收進去。


敷完後,  我們都覺得皮膚很潤滑。我的阿姨很喜歡這個有一點點金片面膜, 而且它還很服貼不會掉,我的阿姨一邊敷臉一邊煮飯。

我敷完面膜後, 皮膚沒有粘粘的,很容易上妝!

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