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My Sister Diary shared with me some of their newest masks in a recent meeting and they’re super cute! They’re all about offering a luxury experience at a friendly price, so their Gemstone series masks uses a different precious gemstone in each one. Check it out -

My Sister Diary's new line of Gemstone Masks 💎 From left, top to bottom: Gold+Hyaluronic Acid, Black Diamond Caviar, Pink Crystal Collagen Moist, Blue Diamond Ultra Oxygen Moist, Emerald Green Tea Conditioning, and Diamond+Arbutin

I did a review of the Black Diamond Caviar and the Gold+Hyaluronic Acid Masks here!

My Sister Diary was really excited to meet with me - the Product Manager Ivana and I spent time discussing My Sister's Diary's vision to bring affordable and high quality skincare to all ages. Ivanna told me that sometimes people overlook the sheet mask material as a possible source of allergens. Sometimes cheaper sheet masks will try to skimp on the material of the masks, but that can lead to irritation as well! At My Sister Diary, each sheet mask is of pure and high quality cotton with no fillers, or a blend of natural wood pulp. And of course the essence! I haven't seen any drugstore sheet masks in Taiwan that have gemstones in them. Truly a luxury experience at a friendlier price 😁

Which one of these do you guys want to try the most? DM me on Instagram @miirushop or Snapchat me @miirushop to let me know, and I'll work on bringing them to you! ❤️

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