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This post is for all you lovelies trying to figure out how to travel wisely and lightly on your next exciting adventure!

If you take a look at my bathroom cabinet, it’s got 1 toothbrush, 1 tube of toothpaste, 1 packet of floss...and then 4893208492 Asian Beauty products. 😅

So naturally it’s a little bit of a hassle when it comes to packing my bag for an overnighter at my parent’s house. I only have so much space in my bag!

It’s an even BIGGER hassle when we throw an airplane and airport security into the mix. When I fly with Asian Beauty products, I have to consider both limited baggage space as well as the sizes of my liquid products.

However, by far the BIGGEST challenge of traveling, Asian Beauty style, is fitting my Asian Beauty into a backpacking style travel trip. As a backpacker, you eventually reach a point where you secretly hate yourself for ever trying to pack anything at all. 😔



Light Travel, Asian Beauty Style

Before the trip

  1. Check to make sure products/product decants are under 100 ml. If you’re really dedicated to traveling lightly, try to avoid checked baggage, which actually is considered an extra charge for some budget airlines. Liquid restrictions for carry-on baggage is capped at 100 ml. Sometimes you’re in luck though, because ampoules and serums are usually under that limit.
  2. Try not to pack heavier products. Watch out for product packaging! It’s not preferable to haul around heavier products, or products with glass containers since it’s at risk of breaking. You can usually find plastic travel sized bottles at drugstores, which are so much lighter!
  3. Check the weather and humidity of your travel destination. When you change your destination, your routine should change too! Depending on the amount of sun and humidity you come in contact with, your routine needs to reflect that. Will it be super sunny? Make sure there’s enough sunscreen packed, and go easy on the chemical exfoliants. Are you going to a tropical island? Ease up on the heavier moisturizing products.

During the trip

The biggest things that are going to affect your skin aside from the sun is the dust and pollution. Depending on the air quality, your pores won't be used to the increased amount of dust or pollutants you come into contact with. You’ll also probably be working up a sweat going everywhere! Here are a few types of products that will help keep your skin in tip top shape while traveling 😊


  • A chemical exfoliant - dust and sweat will affect your skin cell turnover rate. Regular use of a chemical exfoliant will ensure your skin remains clear.
  • A clay mask - if you’re constantly on the go, especially in a tropical, dusty country, these are a must!
  • A generic moisturizer - if your skin can handle a generic moisturizer like nivea or vaseline, don’t be afraid to include them in your routine. You’ll never have to worry about running out of these products since they are so easily accessible everywhere in the world!


My Personal AB(ish) Backpacking Routine

I might be on the more dramatic end, but I backpacked through areas in Asia with no running water sometimes and my routine got super simple. My skin never gave me too much trouble with this travel routine and it was really hassle-free!

Another plus is that most of these products can purchased on the go in many airports (at least in Asia) and are carry on safe:

  1. Cleansers were too big and needed water, so I used Bioderma Sensibo Micellar Water and toilet paper (lol) for washing my face
  2. Hadalabo Gokujun Toner in the ~50ml bottle
  3. Nivea in the small tin
  4. Vaseline for when I felt my skin or lips were super dry
  5. Dr Wu 18 percent Mandelic Acid, 2x a week use
  6. Origins Charcoal Clay Mask, 50 ml, which I used once a week when I secured fresh water
  7. Generic Nivea sunscreen for body and face use

This isn’t completely AB, but you can definitely find an AB clay mask and sunscreen to substitute in. Since I was working up a sweat going everywhere with my backpack, mandelic acid and clay masks really saved my skin! I also made sure my skin never was dry.
Hope that helps! Happy adventuring!

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